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1.37sIs there anything sadder?
3.8sOnly drowning puppies and there would have to be a lot of them.
1.33sWhere you going, Bender?
3.12sTo volunteer at a liquor kitchen for homeless robots.
1.05sYeah, right.
1.93sAs if you ever did anything charitable.
0.85sI'm very generous.
2.35sWhat about that time I gave blood?
0.67sWhose blood?
1.58sSome guy's.
3.6sI've got to do something to show Leela how sorry I am.
1.47sSo what's the problem?
3.9sSimply get down on your claws and do the apology dance.
2.47sSo it's left, left, right... Wait!
1.5sI have a better idea.
2.44sI'll go out and get her the perfect Xmas present--
3.09sSomething so great, she'll never want to be unhappy again.