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2.57sWe got a tip from a six-year-old that there's a dead Martian down there.
3.17sAnd I'm going to the park to jam with the Little White Girls Blues Quartet.
2.5sWanna come with me, Daddio? I'd love to, honey,
2.24sbut Daddy has to go to a beer-drinking contest today.
0.65sThink you'll win?
2.77sSon, when you participate in sporting events,
3.45sit's not whether you win or lose, it's how drunk you get.
2.93sGotcha. Well, gotta go. Me too.
2.55sUh, it's hard for us to leave when you're standing there, Mom.
1.72sPush her down, Son.
1.3sNo one's going anywhere.
2.37sWe're going to clean the whole house from top to bottom.
2.52sOh, dear God, no!
3.5sI think you'll find that escape is impossible.
2.53sNow, each one of you take a floor and get started.
0.67sI call the basement.