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2.72sD'oh! A deer! A female deer.
2.84sSon, you're okay!
3.55sAnd you led us to the precious ivory.
2.65sAnd, of course, your lovable pet, who it's connected to.
5.07sDad, I can't let you sell him. Stampy and I are friends. Ow!
3.07sAnyway, I want him to go to that animal refuge.
3.77sForget it! That elephant cost me thousands of dollars.
2.87sDad, how would you like to be sold to an ivory dealer?
0.63sI'd like it fine.
1.61sEven if he killed you...
2.07sand made your teeth into piano keys?
4.37sYes, of course I would. Who wouldn't like that, to be part of the music scene?
2.5s- Dad, you're sinking! - Huh?
0.7sGet a rope, Bart.
1.8sNo, that's okay.
2.5sI'm pretty sure I can struggle my way out.
3.44sFirst, I'll just reach in and pull my legs out.
3.04sNow I'll pull my arms out with my face.
2.2s- Dad! - Homie!
2.4sStampy, quick! Pull him out!