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1.63syou've gained some weight recently.
1.43sIt's 5 pounds at the most.
1.8sIt's not a big deal.
2.9sIt's a slippery slope, Lois. You start with 5 pounds and then one day, boom!
3.17sYou wake up and you're on The Practice with 16 rings in your ear.
2.23sYou're one to talk. Look how fat you are.
1.33sLois, men aren't fat.
1.73sOnly fat women are fat.
3.27sNow, if you'll excuse me, I have to go warn the chef that you've arrived.
2.37sHe wants fat? I'll show him fat.
2.54sThe only reason I'm eating anyway is because of him.
1.84sHe won't touch me.
1.37sDo you think I'm fat?
1.3sOnly if you think I'm a serial killer.
1.1s- What? - Nothing.
1.2sAttention, all hands.
3.27sWe're going to launch a massive air strike against Bertram and his army.
1.97sBehold the armada.
1.47sIt's quite simple, actually.
1.64sYou press the smiling duck to take off,
2.37sthe cow with the bow tie to fire weapons,
3sand the clown face is just a clown face. Enjoy it.