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3.4sYou could freeze some of your sperm at the sperm bank just in case.
1.3sI don't know, Cleveland.
2.14sIt didn't work out so great that time I froze my nuts.
2.64sNo! No! Bad squirrel.
3.2s(SQUEAKING) Those are my nuts. My nuts!
2.47sYou're just a hungry little fellow, aren't you?
1.77sBut those are my nuts!
1.77s(SNARLING) No. Oh, God, no!
1.7sMy nuts! My nuts!
0.23sHey, Brian. You want to play tag?
1.07s- Freeze tag? - No.
1.23s- TV tag? - No.
1.83sIf I can get some guys you want to play Red Rover?
1.6sNo. Maybe. You get the guys first.
1.67sWe'll talk about it.
2.1sNo! Jungle gym mine!
2.23sHey, where'd you get the Pete Rose haircut?
6.71s(GROANING) (CRYING) Anyone else want to feel my Weebok in their grapes?