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2.1sWell, guys, my vasectomy is tomorrow.
1.53sYou poor bastard.
3.14sAfter all, sex is pointless without potency.
2.87sThat's right. You take the venom out of a cobra and what do you got?
2.23sYou got a, a belt.
1.6sIt's not that big a deal.
2.87sA bunch of the guys on the force have had vasectomies,
1.8sand their lives haven't changed at all.
1.37sWould you ever have one?
2.33sWell, yeah. But what if me and Lois do end up wanting another baby?
1.07sIt'll be too late.
3.4sYou could freeze some of your sperm at the sperm bank just in case.
1.3sI don't know, Cleveland.
2.14sIt didn't work out so great that time I froze my nuts.
2.64sNo! No! Bad squirrel.
3.2s(SQUEAKING) Those are my nuts. My nuts!
2.47sYou're just a hungry little fellow, aren't you?
1.77sBut those are my nuts!
1.77s(SNARLING) No. Oh, God, no!
1.7sMy nuts! My nuts!
0.23sHey, Brian. You want to play tag?