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2.7sPeter, it's the male equivalent of a woman getting her tubes tied,
2.1sexcept, it's actually a lot quicker and safer.
1.47sLet these guys explain.
5.84sA vasectomy's a medical procedure
3.24sOne that makes you half a man
3.3sYou're half a man
15.92sRemember when you twisted up your garden hose? Well, essentially that is the plan That is the plan Well, I'm starting to get the picture, but how's it done?
3.54sYou make a small incision in the scrotal skin
1.83sIsolate the vas and
1.97sIsolate the vas and then you
3.54sRoll it in position with a towel clamp
1.77sThen you snip the fibrous tissue
1.27sThen you snip the fibrous tissue
4.27sHey, then you'll never have to wear a condom
4.2sWhen you do it with your wife