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3.74sexcept they're soft and spongy like a Twinkie.
1.57sLike a Twinkie.
3.2sOh, hey, Hogzilla. You happen to see my hot wife Lois around?
1.57sNo, I haven't.
2.4sMaybe she's out looking for a man who can satisfy her.
2.34sHey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Do me a favor.
2sWhen you go to sleep, aim your butt the other way.
1.5sLast night, for God's sake, you farted.
3.04sI felt like somebody was sticking me with a cigarette lighter from the car.
2.44sYou're fat. Shut up and go to sleep!
3.17s(BOTH GRUNTING) Lois, you weigh a ton! Get off me!
1.83sI'm trying, I... Try harder!
4.1sPeter, if you just stop for one second... Lois, that hurts. Quit it.
1.67sPeter, are we having sex?
3.44sLet's check. Just lift up that fold right there.
0.9sUh, yup.
2.17sLois, last night was amazing.
1.23sIt was, wasn't it?
2.9sFat sex is the hottest sex we've ever had.
2.63sThere were so many boobs, I didn't know whose boobs I was grabbing,
1.43syour boobs or my boobs.