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1.97sThe work is really quite easy.
5.87sWhy, even right now, I'm just sitting in a chair sipping some tea and reading from a script.
3.94sThe wall is covered with something that resembles egg crates,
3.74sexcept they're soft and spongy like a Twinkie.
1.57sLike a Twinkie.
3.2sOh, hey, Hogzilla. You happen to see my hot wife Lois around?
1.57sNo, I haven't.
2.4sMaybe she's out looking for a man who can satisfy her.
2.34sHey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Do me a favor.
2sWhen you go to sleep, aim your butt the other way.
1.5sLast night, for God's sake, you farted.
3.04sI felt like somebody was sticking me with a cigarette lighter from the car.
2.44sYou're fat. Shut up and go to sleep!
3.17s(BOTH GRUNTING) Lois, you weigh a ton! Get off me!
1.83sI'm trying, I... Try harder!
4.1sPeter, if you just stop for one second... Lois, that hurts. Quit it.