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1.8sLeo, slow down!
2.34sThat looks like a nice place to eat.
1.93sCarla's daughter works in that building.
1.92sYou know, it's kind of ironic.
1.87sThese old people are being kept alive...
2.14sby the organs of the young people they ran over.
2.7s- Makes you think, huh, Chief? - Not really.
2sGrampa's here to get his driver's license.
3.19sOkay. Look at the eye chart and cover your left eye.
1.87sThat's my seein' eye.
4.87sThe right one's my winkin' eye.
2.8sI'll give you your license if you never do that again.
3.04sOh, everything's the last time I do everything.
3.9sCan't you just use this recent photo?
2.79sUhh. Eh, all right.
2.12sHere you go. Whoo-hoo!
2.2sWho's laughing now?
3.1sEh, shut up.