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2.5sCome on, come on. Make it, make it.
2.17sPlease, please, please.
2.52sI want to watch Krusty. Shut up, boy.
2.3sIf they make this field goal, I win 50 bucks.
2.33sThe kick is up.
1.55sIt's looking good.
3.44sThe ball is turning into a fat, bald guy.
1.33sAahh! oof!
2.43sIt's no good, and you know what we say...
2.5sEvery time something strange happens--
2.17sit's good that Bart did that.
1.12sIt's very good.
2.52sHyuk, hyuk, hyuk.
2.1sWell, we're still on.
1.78s346 consecutive hours,
4.04sand all because of one little boy who--
1.63swho won't let me stop!
3.39sAnyway, now let's go over and see if Sideshow Mel...
1.93shas any more of those legal...
2.62sover-the-counter wake-up drugs of his.