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1.9sYeah, that's what it is.
1.53sYou want to try it?
2.65sOoh, would you look at that.
3.17sKneel before my slingshot, puny earthling!
1.7sWell, I guess my first wish...
2.27sis to get rid of those awful aliens.
2.44sAahh! He's got a board with a nail in it!
1.94sEnslave humanity, will ya?!
1.72sRun, Kodos!
3.15sWell, Kang, it seems the earthlings won.
1.48sDid they?
2.44sThat board with the nail in it may have defeated us,
1.97sbut the humans won't stop there.
2.34sThey'll make bigger boards and bigger nails.
3.05sSoon they will make a board with a nail so big,
1.82sit will destroy them all!