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1.72sThis is all the Simpsons' fault.
1.94sBefore I was just bored with them,
2.2snow I wish they were dead.
2.15sGeez, now we're slaves. This paw sucks.
2.64sOkay, I'll make a wish that can't backfire.
2.67sI wish for a turkey sandwich, on rye bread...
1.72swith lettuce and mustard...
2.82sand... and I don't want any zombie turkeys.
2.57sI don't want to turn into a turkey myself,
3.25sand I don't want any other weird surprises, you got it?
2.28sHmm... mmm!
1.8sMmm... not bad.
1.95sNice hot mustard, good bread,
1.52sturkey's a little dry--
2.15sThe turkey's a little dry?!
2.09sOh, foul the cursed thing!
4.67sWhat demon from the depths of hell created thee?
2.69sHey, is that one of those monkey paw dealies...
2.37sthat lets you wish for things?
2.84sYeah, but I got to warn you that this thing is--
1.9sYeah, that's what it is.
1.53sYou want to try it?