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3.04sWhy, at that little shop right over... there.
1.59sOh, it was over there.
1.57sYou'll be sorry.
3.37sFlight 7, Marrakesh to Springfield, now boarding.
1.7sjust a moment.
1.28sDon't shoot! Don't shoot!
1.13sThey're souvenirs.
2.72sYou must pay a fine of two American dollars.
2.9sLet's wish for X-ray specs that really work.
1.43sNo, Bart-- peace on Earth.
0.54sX-ray specs.
0.36sPeace on Earth.
0.17sPeace on Earth.
0.83sX-ray specs.
1.18s- X-ray specs. - Peace on Earth.
2.22sAs the pants-wearer of this house,
1.2sI get the first wish.
2.18sHomer, there's something I don't like...
1.98sabout that severed hand.
2.29sMarge, don't flake out on me.
2.57sThat monkey's paw is going to make our dreams come true.