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3.27sAahh! Perhaps you're wondering why you have two heads.
3.39sMy body was crushed, so I had head grafted onto your,
2.17sshall we say, ample frame.
3.34sI can wake up. It's all a dream. It's just a dream.
1.97sOh, that's right.
1.98sIt's all a dream...
1.97sor is it?
4.6sNext week on The Simpsons: Don't forget, Dad. Tonight my class is having...
2.1san all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinner.
1.08sMmm. Spaghetti.
1.72sBut, Homer, tonight's our reception...
2.4sfor Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.
1.73sOh, I hate having two heads.