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1.9sI drink, and you use sex as a weapon.
2.47sThat seems to me like a successful New England marriage.
1.17sOh, come on, Peter.
1.9sMy parents may have been against our relationship,
2.08sbut a lot of people supported us.
2.87sOh, yeah? Like who? Well, like... Like Carol.
1.7sGod, if it wasn't for her support,
3.54sI don't know that I would've had the confidence to marry you.
4.77sAnd now that she needs my support, here I am abandoning her.
3.24s(GASPING) Oh, my God. Peter, I've made a terrible mistake.
1.32sWell, that's what I tried to tell you,
2.47sbut you were as stubborn as a pigeon at an ad agency.
6.17s(CHATTERING INDISCERNIBLY) Guys, guys, guys, guys, guys, these are all good ideas,
4.44sbut I think what people really get excited about is dropped museum popcorn.
2.37sBut this is an ad campaign for a Nissan SUV.
3.27s- How does that possibly... - Phil, Phil, Phil, Phil.
2.4sI was put in charge of this meeting.
3.5sAnd we're going with dropped museum popcorn.