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2.4sYeah. Yeah. Mean it!
2.6s- Peter, what are you doing? - I'm running away.
1.6sBecause you took away my brother!
1.05sYou ruined my life!
1.97sAdam and I were gonna be brothers forever,
1.37sand now he's gone!
2.77sAll you got there is toys and cans of tuna fish.
2.27sWell, I got to eat. And I got to have fun.
0.49sPeter, you're just acting out.
2.07sNo, I'm not. I'm acting in.
2.37sOkay, now you're just saying the opposite of what I say.
1.6sNo, I'm not. I'm saying the same as what you say.
1s- Peter. - Lois.
1.12s- God. - Allah.
3.87sLook, I'm not sacrificing my sister's happiness so you can have a playmate.
2.03sShe and Mayor West never would've made it.
2.7sOh, yeah? Well, nobody believed we'd make it, and look at us now.
1.9sI drink, and you use sex as a weapon.
2.47sThat seems to me like a successful New England marriage.
1.17sOh, come on, Peter.
1.9sMy parents may have been against our relationship,
2.08sbut a lot of people supported us.
2.87sOh, yeah? Like who? Well, like... Like Carol.
1.7sGod, if it wasn't for her support,
3.54sI don't know that I would've had the confidence to marry you.