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2.3sGoodbye? Where are you going?
4.65sAs of today, I'm stepping down as mayor and leaving Quahog forever.
2.03sBecause of Carol? That's right.
3.4sI've decided to move to Alaska and become an Eskimo.
2.77sAlaska? But that's so far away!
3.27sAnd what about the high percentage of Eskimo child molesters?
1.98sGive me a kiss. I don't want to!
2.08sGive me a kiss, or I'll hurt your parents!
2.4sYeah. Yeah. Mean it!
2.6s- Peter, what are you doing? - I'm running away.
1.6sBecause you took away my brother!
1.05sYou ruined my life!
1.97sAdam and I were gonna be brothers forever,
1.37sand now he's gone!
2.77sAll you got there is toys and cans of tuna fish.
2.27sWell, I got to eat. And I got to have fun.
0.49sPeter, you're just acting out.
2.07sNo, I'm not. I'm acting in.