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2.43sI'm sorry, but your friend doesn't have insurance.
3.77sI don't care what it costs. Just make this man well again.
1.7sThank you, fish.
3.62sANNOUNCER: We now return to Germany's most popular late-night talk show,
2.52sStill Awake with Otto von Stade.
2.7sSome weather we're having. Okay.
1.63sI was recently in Munich.
4.94sDid you ever notice how the government buildings there are quite well-maintained? Okay.
2.34sWe have no guest. Good night.
1.97sHow you holding up, Carol?
1.2sNot so good.
2.42sLook, I know you're depressed about Mayor West,
2.79sbut I promise you made the right decision.
1.17sJust give yourself some time,
2.5sand I'm sure you'll feel much better about it.
2.64sSTEWIE: (DISTANTLY) She says that to Meg a lot, so that's not good.
1.57sYou're probably right.
1.88s(SIGHING) Oh, well.
4.37sI guess I just better go call all my friends and tell them the wedding is off.