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2.35sAnd then there was your third husband, Doggie Daddy,
3.5sbut you couldn't make it work 'cause he had that son from a previous marriage.
2.34s- Hey, Carol. - Oh. Hey.
1.23sJust want to let you know,
2.44sAugie's all grown up now, out of the house.
1.87sSo... You know...
2.42sAnyway, I'm around.
2.15sThis is really insensitive of you, Lois.
3.82sDo you have any idea how difficult it is for me to see my ex-husbands?
1.62sThat's my point, Carol.
4sThis is the kind of pain I'm trying to spare you from experiencing all over again.
3.02sWhy can't you just let me be happy with the man I love?
4.12sCarol, if you marry him, you're just gonna get hurt again.
1.58sIs that what you want?
2.23sWell, no.
1.48sLook at these men.
3.7sAre you psychologically able to deal with this pain a 10th time?
1.74sOh, my God.
1.87sLois, you're right.
4.2sAdam, I'm sorry. I can't marry you.
2.85sWhat? But, Carol...
2.08sI'm so sorry, Adam.