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3.13sActually, I was worried you'd say "Beetlejuice" three times.
3.2s'Cause if you say "Beetlejuice" three times, then...
1.67sThat was a close call.
1.43sOh, Carol.
2.87sI would never miss any of your meet-the-fiance dinners.
1.58sThis is the 10th one.
1.15sOh, Lois.
2.37sWell, Carol, I'm just saying it's a big decision.
1.7sLife is full of big decisions.
2.89sLike deciding whether or not you're going to have time to masturbate.
3.39sPeter, I'm gonna run and pick up Stewie. I'll be back in five or ten minutes.
1.53sWell, which is it?
3.07sIt's like I told you, Lois. This time it's different.
3.59sAdam is the most kind and attentive man I've ever known.
1.57sOh, that's interesting.
2.7s'Cause I remember you saying the same exact thing about Evan.
1.5sIsn't that right, Evan?
2.87sYeah, yeah, I do remember her saying that about me.
2.03sEvan. What are you doing here?
1.27sI brought him.
1.79sLois, you didn't tell me you were bringing Evan here.