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2.47s(SHUSHING) Keep your voice down.
2.1sI have a date with my boyfriend.
2.3sWell, have fun.
4.27sYou are to gather grapes for wine and prepare victuals for my return.
2.23s(PHONE RINGING) Griffin residence.
1.37sHi, Peter.
1.8sWho is this? How do you know my name?
1.38sGive me back my son!
2.37sPeter, it's Carol, your sister-in-law.
1.64sCarol, how the hell are you?
2.87sNot too good. Jason left me.
2.17sIt's gonna be my ninth divorce.
1.57sYou know, just hanging out.
1.2sPeter, give me the phone.
2.37sCarol, hi. What's up?
2.37sOh, my God, that's terrible.
2.99sWell, you know, Carol, sweetie, we are always here for you.