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2.69sCarol, given your present situation,
3.57sit's possible that dating might not be such a good idea right now.
3.25sActually, Lois, I think it's exactly what I need.
1.7sHooray, it's a date!
2.87sBut we mustn't let the local nobleman find out.
3.14sOtherwise, he'll assert his right of primae noctis.
1.42sOh, no, we're too late.
4.45s(LAUGHING) I must bless this coupling with my flaccid English penis.
1.18sCAROL: Oh, no! Oh, my!
3.3sCome hither, that I may sire thee a dreary Brit!
2.7sYou ever wonder what a seagull tastes like?
2sYou know, I actually have.
2.23sI used to wonder, but now I know.
1.53sAnd it's not good.
1.57sIt's great!
4.55sWow, Adam. I just have to tell you, I'm having a terrific time.