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3.27sStewie, this is a lollipop with a desert spider in it.
3.85sAnd, Chris, this is a comb made out of an armadillo shell.
4.6sNow, just don't use it to comb your hair and make promises to women you won't keep.
1.68sI probably just won't use it.
1.5sWell, if you all don't mind,
2.5sI'm gonna freshen up before dinner.
2.07sMom, she's so sad and lonely.
1.6sLook who the fuck's talking.
3.3sI'm sorry, sweetheart. It's just that she's my sister.
1.83sNo wonder her husbands all left her.
1.53sWell, that's what her problem is.
4.44sShe has such low self-esteem that every time a man shows her the slightest glimmer of attention,
4.5sshe rushes into something serious and gets her heart broken like a teenage girl.
2.07sHey, Tyler, you on your way to Algebra?
1sYeah, I'll see you there.