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2.25s(SCREAMING) There you go.
2.3sCreate an adventure with that.
1.85sCarol, you're here.
1.15sHi, Lois.
2.24sAh. It's so wonderful to see you.
1.77sQUAGMIRE: Hey, need some help with those bags?
2.05sOh, well, yes. Thank you so much.
2.94sOh, it's my pleasure, Lois' recently divorced sister.
4.7sWhen I heard you were coming to town, I figured I should introduce myself. (LAUGHS) How you doing?
1.58sWell, not so good.
2.27sYou may have heard that my husband left me.
1.73sOh, I'm so depressed.
3sI mean, it can't always be my fault, right? Uh-huh.
4.64sYou know, at first I thought what I needed was the immediate loving, physical touch of a new man.
1.4sBut now I know what I really need is a friend Mmm-hmm.