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2.1s(STAMMERING) I don't know.
3.25sI'm just saying that if you read somewhere that Gwen Stefani was a grandmother,
1.9syou might not even bat an eye.
1.77sWhat the devil? What's going on?
1.35sI'm sorry, Stewie.
2.23sYour Aunt Carol's gonna be staying with us for a little while,
1.53sso she's gonna need your room.
2.83sWho the hell do you think you are? Stop it this instant!
1.4sWe're not gonna fit through there.
2.53sOnly circles can fit through that rectangular doorway.
1.9sOh, my God, it's going right through.
2.3sI got to get better at shapes.
2.4sHey, Stewie. You gonna sleep in here with us?
1.78sIs this how you spend your free time, fat-ass?
3.57sLying half-naked on a bed in black socks at 11:30 in the morning?
2.47sYou want to play with one of Daddy's socks?
3.37sWhat... Do I want to... No! What an odd request.
2.67sThe first one's always hard.
1.17sThere we go.
2.57sThe second one's easier, 'cause, toes.
1.93sCome on, fella.
1.33sThat's it.