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3.79sI am so sorry, you guys. This is all my fault.
1.47sIt's okay, Lois.
3.07sI know you tried your best to make things right.
2.57sWell, since I ain't got no brother to play army guys with,
1.28sI might as well go to The Clam.
2.5sHey, Quagmire, it's me. Meet me at The Clam in 20.
1.9sThat sounds great, Peter, but I can't right now.
1.39sCrap. Why not?
2.24s'Cause I'm working. I'm flying a plane to Alaska.
1.5sAlaska? What the hell?
1.5sI never even heard of this place an hour ago,
1.23sand now everybody's flying there.
2.67sWhat did you say? Quagmire's flying to Alaska?
2.17sPeter, that's the plane Mayor West is on!
1.93sI get what you're driving at.
2.47sIf Carol can't have Mayor West, no one can.
2.9sQuagmire, I want you to crash that plane. No survivors, you hear me?
1.97sPeter, for God sakes, no!
3.1sTell him to turn the plane around. Hey, listen, Quagmire,
2.07sturn the plane around and bring it back here.
2.79sPeter, I can't do that. The FAA would be all over my ass.