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2sWhy don't you guys take him?
3.77sI thought he was the right dog for me, but I guess I made a mistake.
3.2sReally? No foolin'? Ah, gee! Thanks, mister.
2sWe'll take real good care of him.
3.49sAnd we'll play with him every day, honest!
2.67sOh, Maggie! You got oatmeal all over.
2.43sHomie, would you clean her off?
1.05sCan do!
3.5sLaddie! Come here, boy!
4.24sWho wants to lick a messy baby? Laddie?
2.97sUh, Dad? Laddie's not coming.
2.85sI gave him away.
1.45sWhat's the matter, Bart? Weren't you happy with him?
2.1sNo. He just wasn't the right dog for me.
2.44sI'm sure he'll be happy as a police dog.
2.49sHe'd better know how to keep his mouth shut.
2.25sWell, if that's what you think is best,
3.7slet's just go down to the kennel and get Santa's Little Helper back.