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1.67sBills, bills.
4.1sOh, a rejection letter from The New Yorker subscription department.
4.7sHmm. Who or what is Santos L. Halper?
2.52sWow! My own credit card!
2.43sThanks, Santos!
2sA quarter?
3.44sYou're just the dog that keeps on giving, aren't ya?
3.77sAnd Zebra Girl, Zillionaire and Zoidzilla.
3sAnd will there be any more splurging today?
2.22sOh, my, yes! Hmm.
2.48sI'll take that hardbound Radioactive Man collection.
1.93sAh, a superb choice!
2.7sIn volume two, Radioactive Man travels through time...
3.79sto defeat jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympic games.
2.47sPut it all on my credit card, my good man.
4.34sOh, pardon me, Santos, if that is your real name, Bart Simpson,
2.55sbut your phony credit card is no good here.
4.15sNow, make like my pants and split!