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3.27sThat was the first time I ever saw Itchy and Scratchy,
2.3sand I didn't like it one bit!
2.44sIt was disgusting and violent!
4.37sI think all you people are despicable! For shame!
1.73sHe's right. We've been wasting our lives.
2.92sThe hell with cartoons. I'm gonna do what i've always dreamed of.
3.14sI'm gonna write that sitcom about the sassy robot.
2.7sHere, kids. I guess you deserve this.
2.17sLet's go.
3.22sI guess nobody likes the truth, huh, Grampa?
3.24sNope. I'll never watch an awards show again.
3.5sUnless that delightful Billy Crystal's involved.
1.7sMarge! I passed!
2.37sThat's wonderful, Homie!
4sAt our next high school reunion, I'll have nothing to be ashamed of.