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3.74sI was-- but they let me go when I told them I killed a million billion humans.
0.87sGood for you.
1.7sNow, let's all get back to the ship.
0.95sWhat for?
1.07sWe're rescuing you.
1.45sI don't want to be rescued.
0.72sSay what?
1.68sI love this planet.
4.84sI've got wealth, fame and access to the depths of sleaze that those things bring.
1.79sBut, Bender, we're your friends.
3.45sFriends? That activates my hilarity unit.
1.15sI'm just a machine to you.
5.87sYou're no more friends with me than you are with the toaster or the phonograph, or the electric chair.
1.15sThat's not true.
2.63sWell, that's how it feels to me.
1.5sBye, Bender. I'll miss you.
1.6sOh, go on.
1.97sGet out of here before you get caught.
1.97sBender, good news.
1.65sYour album just went gold.
0.75sWhat the...?
1.27sIt's the humans!
1.82sBender, do something!
3.37sGot you, you murderous flesh-piles.