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2.6sUh... I'm a little tired right now.
3.45sWould it be all right if I just gave them a savage beating?
2.77sNo! The elders have spoken.
3.64sShow us the killing skills that have made you a media darling.
1.4sDo it now.
2.43sKill them before they bring down our whole society.
2.17sDo it. Do it. Do it.
2.09sDo it. Do it. Do it. Do it.
1.97sDo it. Do it. Do it.
2.12sDo it. Do it. Do it.
1.38sI can't kill them.
5.24sPlenty of humans have mistreated robots but not these two.
1.8sThey're my friends.
2.2sHumans are no threat to us.
2.79sThey're stupid, putrid cowards.
1.95sDamn right!
4.09sThe fact is, humans are completely harmless.
1.63sWe're well aware of that.