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1.33sUh, let's make this quick.
2.47sI'm due at the opening of a mini-mall.
1.47sHey! What is this?
1.83sIt is time to put the humans to death.
2.07sBut the judge already sentenced us at the trial.
1.87sThat was just a show for the public.
2.04sWe are the true rulers of this planet.
3.95sHand-carved from meteorites by the robot founders over four centuries ago.
2.27sSilence! Come forward, Bender.
2.8sYou will have the honor of executing the prisoners.
1.73sSilence! I concur.
3.1sHere... use the ceremonial killamajig.
2.6sUh... I'm a little tired right now.
3.45sWould it be all right if I just gave them a savage beating?
2.77sNo! The elders have spoken.
3.64sShow us the killing skills that have made you a media darling.
1.4sDo it now.
2.43sKill them before they bring down our whole society.
2.17sDo it. Do it. Do it.
2.09sDo it. Do it. Do it. Do it.