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2.43s(DRUNKENLY) Hey, hey, that's the guy.
5.34sThat's the guy whose chin looks like a... Balls.
2.64sAll right, on a normal night in the Pewterschmidt mansion,
2.87sthere might be as much as $6 million in the vault alone.
5.84sBut this Saturday is the Pewterschmidts' annual "Bring all your cash and put it in our safe" party.
3.37sConsidering the guest list, there could be as much as $40 million.
1.9sBut we only need $20,000.
2.64s(SIGHS) All right, look, I'll be honest with you.
3.2sMy father-in-law has treated me like crap for almost 20 years,
1.73sand it's time for a little payback.
2.8s$40 million! That's $10 million each!
4.3sI could afford to produce a movie with B+ stars in a not-so-expensive location.
5sANNOUNCER: Jeff Bridges and Laura Linney in Danger In Cincinnati.