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1.57sThat's all right, sweetie.
1.43sNow you run along and play in the mud.
1.74sAttention, everyone, this is a twist tie.
1.9sIt comes with every loaf of bread.
2sWhen we are done selecting our piece of bread,
1.83swe use the tie to preserve...
1.77sOh, my God!
1.83sWho is that angel?
1.27sThat's Susie Swanson.
1.8sYou don't say.
1.57sWhat, like, you think you have a shot with her?
3.67sAre you kidding? We'll go together better than Hannity and Colmes.
1.47sMy problem with liberals, Alan,
1.73sis that liberals hate America.
2.1sSean, I don't know if that's true.
1.3sYou just contradicted me!
1.2sYou hate America!
1.6sIf I could just get a word in...
2.8sYou hate America! You like the terrorists!
2.34sWell, I guess you're right again.
1.07sBonnie, we got a problem.
1.37sWhat's the matter, Joe?
2.07sI'll tell you while we're doing the diaper change.