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1.97sGuys, Bonnie's going into labor!
1.77sWe gotta get her to the hospital.
1.37sQuick, Peter, get the car!
2.77sNo way, I don't want a pregnant mess in my backseat.
4.8sOh, come on. You're the guy who soiled his pants while test-driving that sports car.
2.6s(TIRES SCREECH) I don't want it.
2.57sAll right, Mrs. Swanson. You're doing fine.
1.43sHey, Peter, don't you want to watch this?
1.57sIt's a beautiful miracle of nature.
1.47sI can't look.
2.07sI didn't look when Lois gave birth and I can't look now.
2.67sYou can just tell me what it looks like.
2.34sYou ever see a horse blink his eye?
2.27sOkay, Mrs. Swanson, you're almost there.
1.5sPush! Push!
3.2sGet out of there! Get the hell out of my wife, you little bastard!
3.37s(SCREAMING) Okay, here we go.
2.27sHold on, the wheelchair is coming first.
1.37sAnd here's the baby.
7.07s(WAILING) Congratulations, Mrs. Swanson, it's a beautiful baby girl.
2.37sOh, Bonnie, I'm so happy for you!