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3.59sYour finger's up your nose and you are dripping with drool
1.9sBut if you want a lady's love
12.21sYou're better off by smelling of A gentleman's cologne instead of sneakers and stool A squirt, a spurt Of somethin' just for Ellen And you'll see that she will find you so compellin'
4.2sAnd she does because the only smell that she'll be smellin'
2.92sWon't be coming from your bum
1.67sYou wanna take that little whore
1.63sAnd spin her on the dancing floor
3.47sBut, boy, before you do a single twirl
3.7sYou must impress that effervescing self-possessing, no BS-ing
3.84sDown's Syndrome girl
12.19sHer eyes are emerald portals To a secret land of love And they seem to say "We'll open just for Chris"