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1.73sHey, you don't want to hear the truth, don't come to the park.
3.7s(SIGHS) Okay. Okay, you made your point. I get it.
3.44sMaybe I went a little overboard with the things Estelle told me.
1.8sAll right, look, can we just go home now?
1.43sCome on, Peter, let's go.
1.98sBrian, I felt something.
2.17sJust now, talking to that bitch cancer widow.
2.67sI think I may have a gift.
1.3sPeter, we were just doing a demonstration...
2.13sNo, Brian. This is real.
2.37sI believe I am psychic.
3.75sMy first prediction, I am either going to fly or ruin that family's picnic.
2.13sHey! You've ruined our picnic!
1.72sPeter, what are you doing? Quiet, Brian.
2sI'm performing a psychic reading.
2.24sPeter, for the last time, you're not psychic.
1.73sI most certainly am.
2.37sAll right, Quagmire, clear your mind... Ooh. Soft hands.
3.67sClear your mind, remove all traces of unease and doubt,