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3.05sSo, this is the trail mix Fry gave me!
4.4sYes. I exaggerated when I said I picked it from the treetops.
3.7sI just wanted you to think a little better of me.
2.84sWell, your motives were good.
2.74sAnd we were both loopy from dehydration.
1.33sHey, wait.
2.37sYou've been doing an awful lot of urinating.
5.09s(GROANING) There's plenty of water. You see,
2.33safter I selflessly rescued the trail mix,
3.34sI braved the flames once more in search of fluids.
2.07sThen why didn't you give me any?
5.71sI thought it might help you forget your intense hatred for me if you were a teensy bit delirious.
5.6sSo, you let me dehydrate while you washed down the trail mix with imported mineral water?
3.27s(GROANING) Not exactly.
1.63sYou see, besides the trail mix,
5.64sthe minibar also contained Doritos, beef jerky and a generous assortment of fine chocolates.