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3.2sQuiet your riot. What's the worst that could happen?
2.08sNo! No!
3.15s(SOBBING) Earth is gone!
3.05sWe're the only two humans left in the universe!
2.94sOh, God. I'm sorry, Leela.
3.89sMaybe this was meant to be.
3.1sMaybe you and I were meant to build a new world here.
2.02sWe can avoid humanity's mistakes.
1sLike the tuba.
2.79sYes! We'll be like Adam and Eve.
1.4sOnly without the tuba.
2.97sAnd we'll beget little Zapp junior. And Leela junior.
2.33sAnd they'll have kids of their... Yuck!
2.54sIs that really what happened in the Bible?
2.69sIt's a sick and twisted book of holiness, all right.
1.42sThen we'll write our own Bible.
3.1sWith less Sodom and more Gomorrah.