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4.07sI'll thinks it overs while I engages this $5 hooker.
2.08sDon't do it! It's not worth it!
1.78sOkay, make it $3.
3.17sYuck! I don't wants no $3 hooker.
2.83sI'm going backs to the adults bookstore.
3.15sAdult bookstore? I thought this was the public library.
2.72sNo. Pubic Library.
2.49sZapp? Where are you?
2.53sOh, God, I'm actually starting to miss him.
2.14sMaybe you two belong together.
2.3sWe do not. And you can't talk.
1.34sCome on.
2.34sIt must be an awful temptation.
3.17sGuess who just killed a woodchuck with his bare feet?
2.37sI thought I'd whip us up some shelter,