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1.38sI found the board!
3.79sNow I've simulated that collision using shrapnel-vision.
1.95sGranted, all that makes perfect sense.
2.54sBut why is this death sphere destroying planets?
2.29sThat makes the most sense of all.
2.67sLook at the planets it's destroyed so far.
3.19sFirst came X-3, the nude beach planet,
2.35sthen, Poopiter,
4.14sand finally that world that can't be mentioned in polite company.
8.11sYou mean... (WHISPERING) How dare you? (ALL EXCLAIMING) So, the death-sphere is "censoring" indecent planets?
4.45sIndeed, and we're next if we can't keep it in our collective pants.
9.26sOur sole hope is to persuade the people of Earth - to abandon their smutty ways. (WHIP CRACKS) So, the orgy's off?