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5.27sI've developed a tiny, one-man stealth fighter that's virtually undetectable.
1.3sHow undetectable?
1.57sIt's right in front of you.
2.35sI find that... (GROANS) to believe.
5.77s(ALL EXCLAIMING) But how exactly is this Happy Meal toy going to destroy a giant death sphere?
1.12sFrom within.
2.54sThis ship should be able to sneak, undetected,
2.77sthrough the sphere's one vulnerable opening.
1.55sWhat vulnerable opening?
2.6sAll death spheres have one vulnerable opening.
4.74sWell, sure, but who's brave enough to fly into something we all keep calling a death sphere?
1.95sI say Brannigan. I say no.
1.94sI say me. I say Leela!
0.63sI say yes.
1.59sI say no.
1.3sI say Leela, too.
1.3sI say yes again.
1.38sI say I shall join her.
3.2sBut it's only a one-man craft, I say.
2.8sThere'll only be one man. Me.