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2.53sIs there a way to just keep it as solid waste?
2.64sFARNSWORTH: Now here's something we can all agree on.
2.57sThe Stardoz 2293.
2.47sNot for everybody, but you pull it off.
1.75sPlease don't pull it off.
4.05sYo, Squidward Scissorhands, you got this in an adult robot medium?
1.63sThe foxhunting uniform?
2.8sYou, sir, must be a robot of noble bearings.
3.6sWell, I am descended from Prince Albert's can.
5.61sI think we've seen enough. (ELASTIC CREAKING) Too much, actually. Come on, let's try somewhere else.
6.11sWait, wait, perhaps discerning customers like yourselves would be interested in an item from our discount rack.