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4.47sand I'm just a dad trying to keep it all together.
1.3sI see.
2.4s- Are you into guys in wheelchairs? - Not really.
4.34sOh, that's too bad, 'cause my son's in a wheelchair.
2.6sHey, Lois. So, how was your first day of voiceover?
1.57s(NERVOUSLY) It was nothing.
3.27sTurns out, I'm just doing very obscure European commercials.
1.4sNothing you'll ever see.
1.88sYou know, I have got to get myself back out there.
2.9sI haven't worked ever since I said a swear word on the air.
6.89sLucky there's a man who positively can do All the things that make us Suck my cock, motherfucker!
4.44s(PHONE RINGING) Hi, my name's Classy.
2sWhat can I do for you, hot stuff?
3.2sOh, hi, Classy. You sound very classy.
3.97sListen, do you have a wallet or a purse? Uh, I have a purse.
1.73sOh! Oh, baby.
3.87sI want you to take the money out and count it really slowly.