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3.14sSo, what makes these shampoos different from the ones at the supermarket?
2.5sThese shampoos have been in my car.
1.32sGuess what, everybody?
2.27sOh, my God! Tampons and groceries?
3.69sNo... Well, yes, but also, I got discovered today.
4.52sI could be one of those famous voiceover artists you hear on TV or in the movies.
3.2sUgh! Her doing voiceover? Who wants to hear that?
2sMaybe she could be one of those annoying voices that goes,
2.44s"Uh, uh, uh. Not that product."
4.2sMALE ANNOUNCER: Which of these leading brands of canned soup has less than 100 grams of sodium?
1.12sUh, uh, uh.
2.07sKeep going. Not that one.
1.02sUh, uh, uh.
1.23sNot that one either.
1.15sUh, uh, uh.
1.47sNope, not that one.
2.9sLook, this isn't even for me. It's for my homosexual lover.
3sMALE ANNOUNCER: Uh, uh, uh. The Bible's pretty clear about that.
3.55sHi, I'm Lois Griffin. I have an appointment to see Randy.