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3.07sYou think so, you dirty, rotten cheater?
1.67s(GASPS) Lois!
1.58s(STAMMERING) You is the phone lady.
1.73sYou the phone... You the phone...
2.05sYou is the phone lady... You is the phone lady... You is the phone lady...
1.42sYou cheated on me!
2.47sLois! Why the hell were you doing phone sex?
3.07sI was providing for our family. You were lying.
3.64sI'm starting to think that whole Chicago City business trip was just a bunch of baloney!
1.8sThat's not the point!
3.4sWell, if you think about it, I wasn't really cheating 'cause it was with you.
1.57sWell, you didn't know that!
1.87sYeah, but you know what?
2.17sIn some way, I think I did.
3.24sYou know, when I heard your voice on that phone, I felt something.
1.75sIt was like an instinct, you know?
3.7sBoth my heart and my wiener somehow knew you were my soul mate.