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3sOkay, let's take a look at your baby, shall we?
2.2sHi. He'll be right back. He's in the bathroom.
3.02sThanks for having me, Bonnie. I just needed someone to talk to.
1.94sSure, Lois. What's on your mind?
2.77sWell, it's kind of a long story. You see...
2.67sEight fucking hours later...
1.55sOh, my God!
3.07sSo, as far as Peter knows, he's about to cheat on you?
3.07s- Lois, you got to draw the line here. - I know.
2.67sThere's a lot of crazy things I'll let Peter get away with.
3.1sI even held my tongue when he went through that anime phase.
4.85sHey, Lois, me make drive time to super fun Clam with noble Quagmire and wheel-monster Joe.
2.1sGo force!