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2.17sBesides, you liked The Nutcracker, didn't you?
4.14sNo, Lois, I did not. The Nutcracker had zero physical comedy.
1.63sAnd with a name like The Nutcracker,
1.87sI thought, "Oh, this'll be worth a few yucks."
4.67sBut, no, Lois, that title wrote a check that those queers on stage refused to cash.
1.67sPeter, we're going.
2.97sWell, we're not the first people to be dragged off against our will.
0.44sAre we there yet?
1.37s- Are we there yet? - No!
1.97sAre we there yet? Damn it, I swear to God,
2.27sI will turn this ship around!
1.4sThat works. Okay.
1.53sIf you want to teach us a lesson... Yeah, that's even better.
2.2sAll right, if that's what you... Wait a minute!
5.67sYou know, Meg, female ballet dancers are famous for anorexia and bulimia and...