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1.93sWell, what did you have in mind?
5.4sHe has to shoot and star in a shot-for-shot remake of Liar Liar for my amusement.
1.57sDo you know why I stopped you?
1.73sI didn't fasten my seat belt, I didn't look in my rear view mirror,
1.5sI didn't signal when I pulled away from the curb,
5.37sI almost hit a Chevy, I changed lanes in the intersection without signaling, I changed lanes while running a red light and speeding.
1.6sWell, Chris, here we are.
2.14sWow, this school is really nice.
1.27sBoy, a degree from here would set you up with any job you wanted.
2.07sYes, I should attend this institution.
3.17sPerhaps one day I could be more powerful than King Friday.
2.74sI am the supreme ruler of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.
2.6sAll will kneel before...
4s(BELL RINGS) What kind of freaking king lives next to the train tracks?
1.57sWhat is this, Mexico?
2.37sHi, is this Room 214?